The Impact of Crystals in Your Home

The Impact of Crystals in Your Home

Ever wonder what impact crystals can have in your home?

First and foremost, they are gorgeous. Wondrous reminders of how magical our planet is.


We all know that simply looking at something beautiful can make our spirits rise. One’s sense of well-being is immediately elevated. You know how it is when you spot a rainbow in the sky and your entire mood brightens? Or when you see a really brilliant sunset or mountain vista that grabs your breath? It's the same way for us when we find a stunning crystal.



Crystals are so much more than mineral combinations that formed when the liquid rock inside the earth cooled and hardened in a process that took millions of years. Each crystal has their own unique vibration, both aesthetic and physical vibration. Not only can a crystal add a luxurious touch to any space, but they emit unique and individual vibrations which can synchronize a person’s energy field.


The benefit of enhancing your space with elements from nature in interior design, also known as biophilic design, has been found to have several positive effects on well-being and performance. Studies have shown that contact with nature can enhance cognitive function, promote healing and recovery, improve work performance, reduce stress, and increase motivation.


Natural crystals have been used for centuries to ward off negativity, promote prosperity, improve sleep, and create harmony. Even common crystals have the ability to heal, protect, and transmute energy through their vibrations.


In spaces where peace and serenity are wanted, the calming energy of Amethyst is a perfect choice. And amethyst comes in several forms such as the rich deep purple of Uruguayan amethyst, cheveron amethyst with it's perfect V inclusions, Elestial amethyst, amethyst geodes, and amethysts with stalactite eyes.


If you want clearing or cleansing our go-to is always Selenite or Clear Quartz. And Selenite Lamps are a perfect way to incorporate crystals into your decor.


If you want energy and creativity, you could choose Citrine or maybe a Red Banded Calcite.


If you’re looking for prosperity you could put a little Pyrite in the Feng Shui wealth corner of your home.

In fact there are crystals that enhance every Feng Shui quadrant.

Bottom line, crystals offer both visual appeal and energetic benefits for every living space you can think of, including kitchen, bedroom, bath, office and even your garden areas. Let their impact elevate you and the ones you love.

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